We get it, this is all new and perhaps a little daunting. It takes time to establish a routine, and more importantly, it takes intention and commitment. So we’re here to tell you when you need to carve out some time in the day to keep your skin healthy.

Why do you need to wash your face twice a day? Good question. Well, in the mornings you need to wash your face to get rid of all the sweat that has accumulated overnight, as well as the oil your skin has naturally secreted. That “glow” that you wake up with isn’t just from a good nights sleep…it’s sweat and oil. By removing these from your skin, you also prep it for the application of your serum and SPF – product absorbs better when it doesn’t have layers of sweat and oil to penetrate first. Think of sweat/oil as a barrier to entry for your skincare.

At night, you need to literally wash the day off. Your skin has been exposed to the elements all day (like pollution, recycled office air, smoke etc), you’ve sweated some more, the sunscreen is still there. Sunscreen is designed to stay on your skin, you need to take the time to remove it. Leaving all of that on your skin overnight is going to end up doing more harm than good, trust us.

Why do you need to use a serum? We’re willing to bet that serums are a new concept and you don’t quite understand why you need to go through the hassle of applying yet another product. Time in the morning is especially precious, we understand, so let’s break it down: The molecule sizes in serums are smaller and more concentrated than those in moisturisers, so they’re able to reach the deeper layers of your skin. This is where all the good stuff happens – this is where damage is repaired, where preventative action is taken, where moisture levels are topped up, you get the idea. Serums are targeted products, they identify an issue and are specifically formulated to address that issue. Ours has been designed to boost skin health by incorporating antioxidants (Vitamin C derivative) and top up your moisture reserves (Hyaluronic Acid). This combination is incredibly powerful and will go a long way in helping your skin function optimally, and when that happens, you’re less likely to have to deal with inflammation, dryness, dehydration, lines, pigmentation. So what are you waiting for?

Why do you need to moisturise? Do you enjoy looking and feeling like an old veldskoen? Didn’t think so. So moisturise! Blanket your skin with the care and comfort that it deserves and prevent the environment from leeching the moisture out of your face (yup, that’s a thing!).

Why do you need to use an SPF daily? This one really shouldn’t even have to be explained, but for the sake of driving it home: CANCER. We live in the one of the harshest climates on earth, our sun is vicious, and it’s out to get you. You need to have a protective layer on at all time to stop the damage, and to keep you safe from the ravages of the sun. There are two types of rays: UVB and UVA. UVA are the longer rays which penetrate the skin more deeply, causing wrinkling, leathering, sagging (think of the ‘A’ in UVA as ‘ageing’). UVB are the shorter rays which cause visible sun damage, like sunburn (think of the ‘B’ in UVB as ‘burning’). You also need to remember that there are various other light sources which attack your skin, like screens, infrared light etc. Our sunscreen protects you from all that, and what’s more, it’s enriched with additional skincare benefits in the form of antioxidants and a lightweight moisturiser to keep you hydrated.

We hope this has helped you to understand why taking care of your skin is critically important, and if you have any questions, we’re always here to answer them. Please get in touch!